Audiovisual Solutions for Health and Wellness Centres

The right audiovisual solution can have a huge influence on an individual’s experience on their holistic health journey. In a highly competitive industry, harsh lighting, bad sound systems or outdated equipment could be the difference between a new client starting their journey with you – or with one of your competitors. 

Read on to learn how to set the right tone in your health or wellness centre.

Audio equipment for wellness centres

Don’t underestimate the power of sound! Integrated audio equipment for your fitness classes and wellness treatments can make you and your staff’s life easier while also incorporating soothing sounds to create the perfect mood for your clients. Consider a built-in audio solution complete with speakers, amplifiers and Bluetooth microphone systems to seamlessly deliver your services. Everything from speaker positioning and size of the room should be considered to develop a fit-for-purpose solution that aligns with your requirements. Whether you need remote volume control, multi-room audio for larger wellness centres or custom microphone solutions to deliver your classes your way, a specialist electrician can help you achieve your goals. 

Specialist lighting solutions for wellness spaces 

Light plays an important role in setting the scene of a space – which is integral for any wellness centre! If you are trying to create a calming atmosphere for yoga or meditation, need directional lights for holistic healthcare treatments or require the flexibility of dimmers and colour-changing lights to deliver your services, a tailor-made lighting solution means you get what you need for your business. You want your clients to feel calm and safe when they spend time at your wellness centre, and you’d be surprised how well lighting can help to achieve this! For example, soft, indirect light for waiting and changing rooms promote a tranquil space and set the tone for relaxation. You might also want to consider the energy efficiency of your lighting solution – think automatic lights that turn off when no one is in the room and energy-efficient LED bulbs.

Specialist wellness equipment to diversify your offering 

Every business likes to offer something a little unique to set them apart from its competition – the wellness industry is no different! Installing specialist wellness equipment in your centre could help encourage more clients to pay you a visit. Talk to an electrical solutions specialist if you are considering installing the following equipment – they’ll help you set your centre or studio apart from the rest!

Temperature controlled yoga 

Investing in high-quality heating equipment could help you diversify into hot yoga. Using underfloor, wall and ceiling heating pads allows you to control the temperature of your studio – and you don’t have to have them going all the time. You could have hot yoga classes and room temperature classes on separate days to reach a whole new demographic of yogis! 

Infrared saunas 

While regular saunas heat the air around the user, an infrared sauna uses infrared heating panels which focuses the heat on the user. Infrared saunas can be used to relax, improve sleep, relieve sore muscles and joints and improve the appearance of skin. Many wellness centres offer infrared saunas as an extra paid service or simply as a complimentary benefit for centre members. 

Float tanks 

Although they were first made available in the 70s, float tanks have gained significant popularity in the last 5 years. Float tanks combine lighting, sound and highly saline water to provide the ultimate relaxation for users. Float tanks – or sensory deprivation tanks – are a great way for users to unplug but they also have health benefits such as destressing, pain management, reduced blood pressure 

and glowing skin. Float tanks combine lighting, sound and highly saline water to provide the ultimate relaxation for users. Be aware – if you are looking to offer sensory deprivation services, ensure your electrical system can handle the extra use. Always talk to a specialist electrician before installing new equipment at your centre to avoid system overloads. 

Medelec – Powering your project 

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