How Lighting Your Practice Properly can Improve the Patient Experience

Lighting is such an important element to the feel of any space, and we know that first impressions last! Using lighting to create a calming and relaxed space to welcome your patients can transform the way they feel from the moment they enter your reception area. The right lighting solutions also help create a comfortable working environment and increase productivity, so you and your employees can deliver the best possible service to your patients

Today, we take the time to consider how your lighting will impact the experience of both employees and patients at your medical or dental practice, so that you can get the most out of your electrical solutions and deliver a great patient experience.


Creating a Positive First Impression

From the moment a patient walks in you want them to feel at ease and as comfortable as possible. Soft diffused lighting has a powerful effect in creating environments that feel calming and safe, ideal for your reception or waiting room areas. Think built in down lights, or hanging lamps with a warm led globe to give your reception a warm glow. Translucent light panels could be incorporated into your reception desk, or be included in a wall panel to create a soft glow and backlight to your practice’s brand and name.

Natural lighting is also a great way to create a calming ambient feel. Natural light has been proven to have a positive effect on people’s mood, reduce drowsiness and increase productivity. Large windows with greenery outside and skylights make for a bright and airy space, but if that is not an option in your practice, some clever lighting design can help achieve a similar effect.  Ask us how we can help you create a natural, open and spacious feel that will have both your employees and patients feeling at ease.


Task lighting

In your dental or medical practice, high quality task lighting is essential for precision and accuracy while tending to your patients. Your lighting solutions can be ceiling mounted or built into the chair for a seamless design. Our team specialises in the medical industry and know that your practice lighting needs to have the right brightness, intensity and field size. Partnering with us means you receive the relevant advice and top-level electrical work required for your field.


Ambient lighting

Medical or dental practices are not just places where procedures happen, they also require a personal touch. This is why ambient lighting in your surgery rooms should also be a consideration. Ceiling lights with translucent covers will help avoid harsh shadows filling the surgery room giving a softer glow to the space. You could also create a feeling of natural light with photo skylight LED panels that create a positive distraction to patients during painful or stressful treatments. The level of care and thought put into your space will be reflected in the overall patient experience. Let us share our expertise, so you can have the right environment to deliver your expertise.


Smart Lights and LED’s 

Smart and innovative lights can add a very clean, high-end and luxurious feel to any facility. Not only does it look prestigious and high quality, but it will also impact the perception of your service. The more premium your clinic looks, the more people will perceive your service as a high-quality service. 

You may also want to consider energy efficient LED lighting with dimmer switches, or perhaps automatic lights that turn off when no one is in the room helping your practice by saving on unnecessary power usage.

LED strip lighting is another way to lift any space and the options are endless. Get creative with this versatile and cost effective lighting solution. LED strip lights placed under benches and cabinets will emit a soft glow and eliminate dark shadows. They can also be installed in a range of colours to meet your practice needs, or create a particular feel to the space.


Tailored to your business needs

At Medelec we believe in a strong consultative process to deliver a tailor-made lighting solution that will mean you get exactly what you need for your business to deliver a great patient experience.

Enquire today to talk about lighting and electrical solutions that will help set your practice apart.

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