Lighting Trends in the Dental Industry

When many people think of going to the dentist, they usually think of the loud drilling noise of tools coming from their mouth while their jaw is restless and in pain – and on the other side of the room awaits a pricey bill. All under a fluorescent light. But you know visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be nerve wracking! You’ve worked hard to make your treatments comfortable and cost effective. Your lighting plays a big part in how your patients feel in your clinic, so why not make it comfortable too? In recent years, dental clinics have taken a more innovative and creative approach to light, leading to a change in perception of dental clinics. Good lighting doesn’t have to be complex nor costly to be trendy and innovative.

Check out some of our favourite trends in dental clinic lighting below.

Discrete LED Strips 

What’s so special about recessed LED strips? Well, they are a cost-effective method that doesn’t take up too much space and can be implemented in creative ways. A brighter clinic with calming lights has a calmer and more relaxing appeal, which could benefit not only the clients but the dental clinic as well. In fact, LED lights have been linked with soothing and decreasing stress. While there are plenty of methods to achieve this outcome, one of the trendier alternatives is to use LED strips under cabinets and ledges where shadows may be present. This type of lighting adds a unique look whilst eliminating the shadows.

As shown below we have installed the led strip within the kickboards to distinguish between the clean and dirty sides of a sterilization room.

Smart Lights and Innovative Lights 

As technology and AI grows, so does the need for convenience – smart lights. Smart and innovative lights can add a very clean, high-end and luxurious touch to any facility. Another benefit of this type of lighting is that it looks prestigious and high quality, which will also impact the perception of your service.

First impressions matter! The more premium your clinic looks; the more people will perceive your service as a high-quality service. 

Natural light

An abundance of natural light has great benefits, not only for the clients but also for those working in the clinic. Natural light has been proven to boost the mood of people, reduce drowsiness, boost Vitamin D intake and increase productivity. Natural light of course is impacted by seasonality, being bright and inviting in summer and on the gloomier side during those rainy winter months. It is important to be conscious of these seasonal fluctuations and in combating the darker winter days a mix of artificial and natural light is typically implemented in clinics. This eliminates the concern of dark days whilst remaining an energy-efficient alternative in the long term. At Medelec, we can give your clinic the ideal balance between natural and artificial lights.

We’re always taking steps to be more sustainable and greener, while still providing your clinic with professional, expert and quality services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, contact Medelec to power your practice today.



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