Saving Power at Your Veterinary Practice

As a veterinary practice owner, you’ll be no stranger to keeping track of monthly costs.  From phone bills and rent through to employee wages, there’s certainly no shortage of them. So, what about the cost of your energy consumption? Well, it turns out that on average, around 20% of a healthcare facility’s fixed costs can be attributed to energy consumption. 

Investing in a more energy-efficient practice can not only help you achieve impressive long-term savings, but a more environmentally-friendly workplace too. Whether you’re starting from scratch, planning a fit-out or making small but mighty adjustments, Medelec will help save power at your practice. We design bespoke electrical solutions for the medical, cosmetic, healthcare and veterinary sectors, backed by over 15 years experience.


As a veterinary practice, you’ll know that high-quality and reliable lighting is critical. To accurately diagnose ailments, perform surgery and deliver a safe level of care, you need maximum visibility of your patients. Fortunately, there are plenty of lighting options specifically designed for your industry, like surgical lights, examination lights and more. 

When it comes to the lighting for your waiting rooms, offices and consultation rooms, saving energy is simple. Making the switch from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs can reduce your lighting energy consumption by up to 75%! What’s more, LED lights last on average, 100 times longer than fluorescents. That’s savings not only on energy wastage, but light replacement costs too!

Motion Sensors & Programmable Light Switches 

Have you ever left the practice and accidentally left on the lights? Amongst the hustle and bustle of caring for your patients and emergency consultations, it can be difficult to remember to prioritise energy savings. Unnecessary energy usage not only impedes the profitability of your practice, but it’s harmful to the environment too. So what’s the solution? Motion sensors and smart switching! 

Motion sensors can detect movement in consultation rooms, staff areas or waiting spaces to ensure that lights are only used when needed. Once these sensors detect a lack of movement for a certain period, they’ll turn off automatically to reduce wastage. 

We have just introduced a range of fully programmable light switches. The SAL Pixie range of switches allows you complete control of your lighting from the simple to use phone app. For example, your reception and corridor lights can turn on 10 minutes before entering the premise and turn off once the last staff member has finished for the day. 

Why Choose Medelec Electrical Technologies?

Whether it’s an existing practice fit-out or a blank canvas, when it comes to saving power, it’s best to trust the experts. At Medelec, we’re Perth’s electrical fit-out specialists, with unrivalled expertise in the medical and veterinary fields. We’re here to provide tailormade, turnkey solutions crafted to meet the specialised requirements of your industry. 

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