Specialised Electrical Solutions for Specialist Medical Equipment

When you rely on specialist medical equipment for your patients every day, you need to trust they are connected and working as intended. Partnering with electricians that specialise in the medical industry means you receive the relevant advice and top-level electrical work required for your field. You’ll build a longstanding relationship where your electrician understands how you work, what your patients need and how to provide the best electrical solution for the job.

In this blog, we’ll break down our process of providing customised electrical solutions to the medical industry for specialist medical equipment – after all, we’ve got over 30 years of experience in providing turnkey solutions for clients just like you.

Start with the basics  – consider how your specialist medical equipment will be used within your practice. 

Do you require the option to move it from room to room? Will multiple healthcare professionals be using the same piece of equipment? Are there specific requirements and standards for your equipment warranty that need to be considered? Does the equipment need to be calibrated regularly? Your electrical partner will consider all this and more to create a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements. 

Preparing for install – diligent planning leads to successful projects! 

Whether you’re installing X-ray equipment, a defibrillator, access equipment or procedure lighting, your electrician will collate all the required information from the understanding phase above to make the project run smoothly. A detailed project plan upfront means everyone is on the same page to get the equipment installed and functioning within your practice. Your electrician will consider any manufacturer requirements to ensure the warranty will be valid, as well as ensure the installation will be in full compliance with Australia / NZ Standard 3003:2018. 

Electrical installations, testing, tagging and sign off – you’re all set. 

Depending on the scale and complexity of the medical equipment, your electrician will provide a project timeline for the installation process. Following installation, calibration and testing of the equipment will be carried out to ensure it is safe and working before signing the project off. Any electrical installation requires an electrical safety certificate with details about the date of install that states the install has been checked, tested and that it complies with regulatory requirements. 

Annual safety checks and programmed maintenance – never miss a service. 

To ensure the longevity of your specialised medical equipment as well as continued safety for your clients, we always recommend setting up an ongoing safety and maintenance routine. This will include: 

  • RCD testing
  • Exit and emergency light testing
  • Appliance testing


Powering your practice with turnkey electrical solutions

If you’re installing new specialised medical equipment, talk to the experts in electrical solutions. Medelec takes a consultative approach to every project, so from beginning to end, your electrical solution is customised to meet your exact requirements.

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