Why LED Lighting Will Soon Lead the Way

When it comes to innovation in the lighting industry, LED lighting seems to come out on top of every single list. This energy-efficient and long-lasting technology has the potential to completely change the way both businesses and homes brighten their hallways. With benefits ranging from cost and energy savings to improved environmental performance, there is no doubt that the way of the future is lined with LEDs. Below, we explore the benefits of LEDs and why they are the way of the future.

With the average LED light lasting approximately 50,000 hours, they completely overshadow their incandescent bulb competitors. Depending on how the LED light bulbs are used, they can last anywhere from 6 – 12 years. This results in an obvious cost saving as your replacement bulbs are few and far between, but ultimately you will also save on general maintenance costs as well.

Environmentally Considerate
It is becoming more and more important that both homes and businesses seek out environmentally friendly alternatives in all areas of their operations, and lighting is no different. LED lights can help companies reduce their energy usage and also become a competitive advantage as the appeal of socially conscious businesses increases year after year. With no use of mercury in the manufacture of LED lights, they require no special handling at the end of their lifespan.

Energy Efficient
When replacing traditional bulbs with LEDs, you can expect as much as 70% improvement in your overall energy efficiency. You can measure the efficiency of LEDs based on something called “useful lumens”, which describes the amount of visible light the bulb emits for each unit of power that bulb uses. LED bulbs are proven to produce more useful lumens than any other lighting technology on the market.

Flexibility in design and application
LEDs are very small and can thus be used in almost any application or array. You can combine them in batches to create a traditional bulb formation or string them together to create bold and bright tube lighting that is perfect for any medical practice or professional setting requiring bright light for clear sight.

LEDs produce no heat or UV emissions
LEDs emit almost no heat at all and zero UV emissions. This makes them an ideal choice for illuminating precious items like priceless works of art that would otherwise degrade in many other lighting methods due to UV light exposure. With almost no heat emotions either, these bulbs are easy to manage and change when required. This lack of heat is also one of the leading reasons medical experts are exploring using LED light to treat disorders such as seasonal affective disorder.

LEDs are leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors in the market due to all of the reasons listed above, but ultimately the biggest benefit to LEDs that we see with our clients at Medelec is the associated cost savings they bring as well as the fit-for-purpose nature of this lighting solution.

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